Kit 105 - 800 Vento Race

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This kit is the pinnacle of the Moses Hydrofoil Racing Division: The V105800 is built to be the highest-performance windsurf race foil in the field. Everything about this foil is designed to reduce drag and produce the best possible hydrodynamic performance. Each detail is tuned to maximize for the highest ratio speed/angle while avoiding ventilation. This provides superior stability and control even at the highest speed. Our use of high-modulus and high-resistance carbon is computer-optimized to have the stiffest and lowest torsion foil.

Every single component of the V105800 goes through two different quality and measurement checks to ensure that each foil delivers identical performance.

Pack content
  • 1x MW105 Wind Mast 105
  • 1x W800 Front wing 800
  • 1x MS421 Stabilizer 421
  • 1x MFWR1150 Fuselage 1150
  • 2x Socket Head Screws M6x50 and washers
  • 2x Socket Head Screws M6x25 and washers
  • 2x Flat Head Screw torx M6x16
  • 3x Flat Head Screw torx M6x25
  • 2x shims
  • Grease, torx and hex tip