T38 Black Carbon

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The T38 is a compact board intended for medium to expert foilers. Light weight for a full carbon board at 3.2 kg, it features a dual track system to adjust where the plate sits on the board. This 125 x 45 cm pocket board reduces the momentum, making it ideal for freestyle.

Despite its dimensions, the T38 is easy to use and accessible to riders of any level.

While using strapless, its beveled rails and low volume will permit you to sink the edge of the board for an easy start.

The light weight will give you a great advantage in maneuvers, reducing the momentum and drag.

Pack content

  • 1 x Board T38 carbon rail
  • 3 x Footstrap Moses
  • 4 x Button Head Screws M8x35 and washers
  • 4 x Nuts M8
  • 6 x Self-tapping screws M5x25 and washers
  • Torx
  • Instruction

Dimensions and advance specs

  • Dimension: 125x45x4cm
  • Weight: ≈ 3,2 kg
  • Liters: 17

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