Used Stringfellow Custom Fuselage 710mm - in good condition

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This used Stringfellow Custom Fuselage 710mm is in good condition. The attachment points have discoloration and residue, neither of which impairs performance. It comes with one shim. Price is $180 (a new 710mm Stringfellow fuselage is $360).

Product Description

This custom Stringfellow 710mm fuselage allows for maximum customization of the SabFoil system.  There are three separate and effective adjustments on this fuselage that make it unique and totally customizable.  It is like having 20 different fuselages in one.

  • Mast placement - The mast position can be set in the standard position or 45mm forward. This allows you to ride smaller boards, ride faster with the same stance, or simply adjust for a more balanced stance.
  • Stabilizer placement - The stabilizer can be mounted in one of three positions to adjust the distance between front wing and the rear stabilizer wing in 2.5cm increments.  This will give you adjustment over the turning radius, pitchiness, and pump cadence.
  • Stabilizer angle - Changing the stabilizer angle will help you maximize the range of every wing and find the perfect performance.  The two supplied 1/2 degree shims will give you control over your foil's pitchiness, top speed, lift curve, turn response, and glide. 

Must be used with SabFoil Surf series wings. Some examples are 633, 683, 790, 873, 1100, 720, 679.  Front wing adapter required for kite series wings.

Please note that shipping is not included for used gear; contact us for details.