Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the stoke to beginners and extreme kiting enthusiasts alike. We do so by teaching and by providing our customers with a carefully curated selection of kiteboarding and hydrofoiling equipment, and anything else you might need on the water and the beach--from water-resistant sunscreen over crash-proof sunglasses and foiling helmets to towel ponchos. (On a side note, Nina’s special mission is to put emphasis on women’s gear, with many different models of harnesses and kiteboarding-specific wetsuits available in the shop to try.)

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has approved and registered several Ozone kites and Moses hydrofoils as official gear, including for the 2020/21 Olympic Games. Our equipment is therefore proven to be of the highest quality. Our shop is integrated with the US distribution for Moses and Ozone products, and a visit to our brick-and-mortar store will give you instant access to our inventory.

In our shop, we have enough space and a grassy area for pumping kites (important if you buy second-hand), a workbench and service station for your hydrofoil, a suspended bar for testing harness fit, and a projection screen for teaching and seminars.

But our shop is more than just a retail space--it is a playground for kiters and foilers! We welcome you to hang out, learn about new gear, chat about the sport, watch kiteboarding videos while lounging in the massage chairs in our Ozone Theater, and enjoy free treats from our "load-and-pop" corn station...