Kiteboarding Tricktionary Twintip Supreme Edition

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Authored by the professional kiteboarders Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies, this book will become your kiteboarding bible, whether you are a beginner, or trying to learn new stylish moves.

It covers three main categories:

The section "Superbasics" serves as a reference for schools and teaching, and discusses advanced kiteboarding techniques for all riding levels and styles.

The section "Airstyle" covers Old School riding--that is, hooked-in jumping, flying and sliding.

The section "New School" covers New School or Wakestyle riding--that is, unhooked moves, starting with Raileys and rolls and concluding with complex handle passes.

  • clear explanations accompanied by thousands of photographs and diagrams
  • stop-motion photography to break down every skill and trick
  • hard cover
  • 424 pages