Catalyst V1

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NOTE: Some of the Catalyst V1 come with a knapsack instead of a technical bag -- an additional discount of $50 applies!

This is a confidence-inspiring fun and easy kite to use that will allow you to progress into the sport of kitesurfing as safely as possible.

This kite is also ideal for the occasional kiter or the family who loves kiting. yet does not want to invest in a lot of equipment. With the Catalyst V1, they have the best of all worlds, a fun and easy kite for all ages of the family that has full depower, re-assuring safety and easy relaunch. Not only is it light in weight, but also light on the wallet.

With an accessible “sheet in and go” power delivery it is easy to get up on the board and ride. The excellent wind range lets you ride comfortably in variable or gusty conditions and the refined profiling help you to ride upwind easily enabling you to spend more time improving your skills!

The Catalyst V1 will bring a smile to your face as the predictable power and lift makes your first jumps a breeze with easy timing and smooth landings. Ozone took a completely new approach towards this design to create a fun-filled kite for newcomers to progress to becoming a solid intermediate rider.

The Catalyst V1 has a unique leading edge arc and sweep shape, combined with a simple pulley-less bridle offering you freedom and flexibility on the water.