Copy of Kit 107 - 800 Vento

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THE KIT: Deep Tuttle Head, MW107 Mast, F1150 Fuselage, W800 Front Wing, and S400 Stabilizer

THE DETAILS:  This set up is race-ready and made to face the competitors.  Every part of this foil is designed to reduce drag and produce the best possible hydrodynamic performance.  Its stability will allow you to focus on the other stuff like speed and tactics while racing your fiercest competitors. 

BRUCE'S TAKE: This is the pinnacle of SAB windfoiling for top speed and control.  The 107 mast provides the tallest ride height, best reaction time, and tightest turn radiuses.


• Mast construction: Wood-core high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Fuselage construction: 6082 series aluminum-manganese alloy, deep anodized
• Wings construction: Foam-core high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Front wingspan: 800 mm
• Front wing area: 840 cm²
• Wing connection: M6
• Fuselage length: 1050 mm
• Stabilizer span: 400 cm
• Stabilizer area: 207 cm²
• Mast Height: 1070 mm
• Deep Tuttle mast head with 6mm barrel nuts
• Weight: 4.9 kg

This race foil features the SABFOIL W1000 Wing, with additional high wind wings, W800 (840 cm²), W740 (702 cm²) and W671 (570 cm²), that are compatible with the 1050 fuselage.