Fuselage 1050-F

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By adding the shorter front part to the FW1150 tail and thanks to the different geometry you will transform your race fuselage into a slalom one.

Easier to ride and more stable at high speed the shorter front part will permit you to manage higher speed and shorter jibe radius.

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Dimensions & advance specs

  • Fuselage Length 600 mm
  • Fuselage Weight 1025 g [±5%] (back part: 580 g)
  • Stabilizer's incidence -1,5°

Pack content

  • 1 x FW1050-F - Fuselage 1050 Slalom - FRONT PART ONLY 1
  • 1 x MH113 - 2 x Socket Head Cap Screws M6x25 and washers 2