Kit 101 - 671

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This fast freeride foil can compete among pure racing foils.

The W671 is the equivalent of the W670 race wing version for the FK647 fuselage. This kit is intended to be a fast “free-race” model for all those riders who want to be competitive even among the buoys and love long runs at high speed.

The S399 stabilizer is designed for those riders whose skills allows them to sacrifice a bit of stability to reduce the overall drag and increase the speed, especially downwind.

The price, less than the IKA registered race model (K106670400), makes it affordable for all the “Sunday Racers.”

Dimensions and advance specs

Base Plate Joint 90 x 165 mm
Mast Height 1010 mm
Front Wing Span 670 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 115 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 7,8
Front Wing Surface 570 cm2
Stabilizer Span 400 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 64 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7,73
Stabilizer Surface 207 cm2
Kit Weight 3237 gr +/- 5%


Pack content

M101 - Carbon Plate Mast 101 1
FK647 - Fuselage 647 1
W671 - Carbon Front Wing 671 1
S399 - Carbon Stabilizer 1
Socket head cap Screw M6x20mm and washers 2
Flat Head Screw torx M6x16 2
Flat Head Screw torx M6x20 1
Flat Head Screw torx M6x25 2
Grease, torx, hex tip