Kit 73 - 880 Razor

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The Razor 73880 hydrofoil kit is an excellent choice for downwind riding in medium wind.

The front wing (880) features a high aspect ratio and dedicated profile for exceptional gliding efficiency. It is also very easy to pump for transitioning from wave to wave. The speed range is broad and allows for early take-off. The mast (73K) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The gullwing shape stabilizer (380) provides excellent control and allows for easy pumping when needed.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this hydrofoil kit will surely provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience on the water.


Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) included.


Dimensions & advanced specs

Front Wing - Span 880 mm
Front Wing - Surface 845 cm2
Front Wing - Volume 834 cm3
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 9,20
Front Wing - Root Chord 118,3 mm
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 17,8 mm
Stabilizer - Span 380 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 180 cm2
Stabilizer - Volume 73 cm3
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 8,10
Stabilizer - Root Chord 60,1 mm
Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness 6,7 mm
Fuselage - Length 713 mm
Mast - Height 730 mm
Mast - Board Connection Carbon Plate
Foil Set - Weight (ca.) 3,6 kg