Kit 93 - 899 Vento Medusa

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The Vento Medusa 83799 kit is designed for windfoiling in medium-low wind conditions and it's an excellent choice for freeride and soft freestyle.

The front wing (WM899) has been designed in collaboration with the pro rider Balz Muller and features a medium aspect ratio and compact size, providing incredible agility and maneuverability. The relatively high profile of the wing ensures a very good lift, making it easy to take-off after an air maneuver. The mast (M93K) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The gullwing shape stabilizer (S430) provides excellent control without sacrificing maneuverability.

Whether you're looking to practice freestyle or just enjoy a leisurely ride, the Vento Medusa 93899 is the perfect choice for you.

NOTE: Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) are included.


Dimensions & advanced specs

Front Wing - Span 899 mm
Front Wing - Surface 1383 cm2
Front Wing - Volume 1597 cm3
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 5,80
Front Wing - Root Chord 190,5 mm
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 24 mm
Stabilizer - Span 430 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 240 cm2
Stabilizer - Volume 102 cm3
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 7,70
Stabilizer - Root Chord 68 mm
Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness 7,5 mm
Fuselage - Length 903 mm
Mast - Height 930 mm
Mast - Board Connection Aluminum Tuttle
Foil Set - Weight (ca.) 4,5 kg