Kit 95 Aluminum - 790 Vento

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An aluminum windfoil based on the wildly successful Vento 85 carbon foil. Designed to plane early with no effort, this ultra stable foil that performs incredibly well in light to medium wind for beginners to intermediate wind foilers. Cruising, carving, wave riding in small waves, the Vento Alloy does everything with amazing easy of use. Jibing has never been so easy.

Dimensions and advance specs

• Mast construction: 710 aluminum alloy, deep anodized
• Fuselage construction: 710 aluminum alloy, deep anodized
• Wing construction: solid high modulus pre-preg carbon
• Front wingspan: 790 mm
• Front wing area: 1550 cm²
• Fuselage length: 900 mm
• Stabilizer span: 450 cm
• Stabilizer area: 325 cm²
• Mast Height: 950 mm 
• Medium Tuttle Box or 4-bolt Plate
• Weight: 5.1 kg