L 5'0'' Full Carbon

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Whether you use it for tow-in, surfing or windwing, the shape of the L 5'0" offers easy paddling and take-off.

Its concave deck with low back foot position will help get you pumping like a pro and gives you great agility while surfing.

With 38 l at only 3.3 kg, this full-carbon vacuum-resin-injected board is the most advanced surfboard you will ever ride. Ideal also for advanced windwing riders.

Footstraps are not included.

Pack content
  • 1 x Board L 5'0''
  • 4 x Button Head Screws M8x30 and washers
  • 4 x Nuts M8
  • 6 x Self-tapping screws M5x25 and washers
Dimensions and advance specs
  • Dimension: 148.5x54.5x9.1 cm
  • Weight: ≈ 3,3 kg
  • Liters: 38