Mast 104 Kraken

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The profile of this 104 cm-long carbon mast has been optimized to have the maximum performance for every racing discipline. With this mast you can compete in all kinds of regattas with the aim of winning.

Design, selected materials and their use make this mast as stiff as possible both at torsional and bending level, and ideal for very high speeds.

The Kraken Modular System makes the mast compatible with all fuselages belonging to the same SABFOIL range and allows you to choose the connection system to the board between Carbon Plate (CP02K), Aluminum Plate (P02K), or Tuttle (T03K).

Possibility to upgrade your mast with the Quick Release System (Q01K), patented by SABFOIL.


Microfractures on the mast caused by accidental collisions or by freestyle use of this race-specific product can cause the mast to break suddenly. For this reason, we recommend avoiding jumps and checking the mast carefully after a collision.

 Dimensions & advanced specs

Mast - Height 1040 mm
Mast - Maximum Thickness A 15,5 mm
Mast - Mid-Height Thickness B 13,8 mm
Mast - Minimum Thickness C 12,5 mm
Fuselage Connection System Kraken Modular System