Mast 83P Kraken

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The thick profile of this 83 cm-long carbon mast has been optimized to have the maximum stiffness and a great performance in pump foiling. This mast is very versatile and even if its speed is not the greatest, it can be used for many disciplines and activities.

Design, selected materials and their use make this mast robust and performing, ideal for both speed and freestyle.

The Kraken Modular System makes the mast compatible with all fuselages belonging to the same SABFOIL range and allows you to choose the connection system to the board between Plate or Tuttle.

Possibility to upgrade your mast with the Quick Release System (Q01K), patented by SABFOIL.

NOTE: Plate (P02K/CP02K) and tuttle (T03K) sold separately.


Dimensions & advanced specs

Mast - Height 830 mm
Mast - Thickness A 20 mm
Mast - Thickness B 19,6 mm
Mast - Thickness C 18 mm
Mast - Chord A 137,8 mm
Mast - Chord B 113,8 mm
Mast - Chord C 110,8
Mast - Weight (ca.) 1550 g
Mast - Material Full Carbon (with core)
Mast - Fuselage Connection Type KMS (R8)