Stabilizer 330 / 330Y - Kite / Surf

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A thicker profile and a medium winglet: if your goal is to stabilize your foil at high speed, the S330 is what you need. More drive for your long-run sessions but still plenty of maneuverability for carving at any speed. The S330 gives your front wing more power.

The S330 is an all-around stabilizer, with a good amount of drive and stability that will help you go faster and be confident.

The S330Y is the same as the S330, but IKA YOUTH FOIL CLASS registered!

Pack content
  • 1 x S330 - Carbon Stabilizer 330
  • 2 x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x16
Dimensions and advance specs
  • Stabilizer Span: 330 mm
  • Stabilizer Root Chord: 80 mm
  • Stabilizer Aspect Ratio: 4.3
  • Stabilizer Surface: 217 cm2