Stabilizer 399

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This stabilizer has the same performance and dimensions as the S400 race. It will be a great addition to your stabilizer set if you want to push your performance.

If you do not need IKA certification for racing, this stabilizer allows you to have the same racing technical characteristics as the S400, at a lower price.

This stabilizer can be used with our entire line of wings -- kite, surf and windsurf.

Dimensions & advanced specs

Stabilizer Span 400 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 64 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7.73
Stabilizer Surface 207 cm2
Stabilizer Weight 130 g [±5%]
Stabilizer Maximum Thickness 9 mm


Package content

S399 - Stabilizer 399mm Kite/Wind/Surf 1

MH107 - 2X flat head screws torx M6x16