Wing 1250 Tortuga

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The Tortuga 1250 front wing is a versatile product designed for both wingfoiling and SUP, with also a decent pumpability. Its medium aspect ratio, huge volume, and ample surface area provide exceptional lift and stability, making it an easy-to-ride option for beginners. The lack of winglets ensures a good degree of maneuverability.

This front wing is perfect both for those who want to start their adventure in the sport, and for those looking to enjoy a session in low wind and small wave conditions, as it offers a fun and dynamic experience on the water.


Dimensions & advanced specs

Front Wing - Span 1250 mm
Front Wing - Surface 2400 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 246,4 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 6,50
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 24,8 mm
Front Wing - Volume 3309 cm3
Front Wing - Weight (ca.) 1733 g
Front Wing - Material Full Carbon (with core)
Front Wing - Connection T8