Wing 680 Razor

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The Razor 680 is a front wing designed for downwind and surfing in medium-strong wind conditions. It features a high aspect ratio, small dimensions, and dedicated profile for very good gliding efficiency and speed range. Despite its small surface area, the Razor 680 allows for easy take-off.

Its compact design and high-performance characteristics make the Razor 680 a reliable and efficient choice for surfers who demand the best in challenging wind conditions.


Dimensions & advanced specs

Front Wing - Span 680 mm
Front Wing - Surface 550 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 100 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 8,40
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 14,1 mm
Front Wing - Volume 457 cm3
Front Wing - Weight (ca.) 502 g
Front Wing - Material Full Carbon (with core)
Front Wing - Connection T6