Wing 695

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This maneuver-oriented wing allows for super fast flying.

Derived from the 550's DNA, this new wing is the choice for those riders who desire a smooth glide feeling. As an advanced wing delivering speed and maneuverability, the 695 is the choice for all riders aiming to do high jumps and maneuvers at high speed.

The 695 wing fits with the 647 fuselage.

Pack content

  • 1 x W695 - Carbon Front Wing 695
  • 2 x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x20
  • 1 x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x25
Dimensions and advance specs
  • Front Wing Span: 695 mm
  • Front Wing Root Chord: 131 mm
  • Front Wing Aspect Ratio: 6,3
  • Front Wing Surface: 770 cm2