Wing 945

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The W945 was born for pure surfing: the bigger surface and the longer chord in comparison to its little sister W940 guarantee better stability and a higher lift, making it easier to surf in the waves.

We highly recommend to pair it with the fuselage 700-HS!

Dimensions and advance specs

  • Front Wing Span 945 mm
  • Front Wing Root Chord 185 mm
  • Front Wing Aspect Ratio 6.9
  • Front Wing Surface 1300 cm2
  • Front Wing Weight 1162,5 g [±5%]
  • Front Wing Maximum Thickness 16,5 mm

Package content

  • 1 x W945 - Front Wing 945 Carbon
  • 3 x Titanium Flat Head Screw Torx M6x30
  • 3 x Flat Head Screws Hex M8x30
  • 3 x Washers adapter from M8 to M6

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